PROGRAM: Home for the elderly & housing

YEAR: 2019

LOCATION: Fribourg, Switzerland

CLIENT: Fondation de la Villa Beausite (Open Competition)

FLOOR AREA: 20’000sqm

COLLABORATORS: Laboratorium K-L-A, Zurich (Landscape Design)

A spectacular site of 2.5ha on the fringe of the “forêt des Morts” forest and near the edge of the city of Fribourg that already hosts a protected building of ca. 5,000 sqm (home for the elderly), built between 1905 -1910, is to be redesigned into a park creating new relationships between the existing building, an ambitious extension planned in 2 phases and a housing development of ca. 10,000sqm. The extension of the home is conceived as “landscaped” podium of the existing historical building in order to showcase the latter and preserve the magnificent views towards the forest and the Sarine river. The housing volumes are designed in order to maintain the scale of the neighborhood, preserve the views towards the historical building and create premium quality gardens for the future inhabitants.