PROGRAM: Two strategies to temporary shelter the homeless

YEAR: 2018

LOCATION: Paris, France

Conceived for FAIRE PARIS 2018

in collaboration with Sam Blakaj

This project, conceived as a proposal for “FAIRE PARIS 2018”, an open competition of ideas combining design and social innovation for the city of Paris, proposes two strategies of temporary accommodation for the homeless. Construction site infrastructure is seen here as a potential resource to that end. A mutualization of infrastructure and resources (water, electricity etc.) is being manipulated in a very delicate manner (in order to resolve security issues as well as social conflict) resulting in two different types of shelters: a) the horizontal shelter and b) the vertical shelter.

 In the first case we use the typical container unit that is installed in most construction sites. We stack a layer of shelters (containers) above site construction offices, sanitary units etc. A separate entrance is assured. 

For the second scenario, a shelter that is half rigid / half tensile is mounted on vertical scaffolding. A system of water supply and evacuation renders every shelter autonomous. Within a tiny volume, one can sleep, eat, use a toilet and shower. 

The construction sites within the city offer a solution that is perennial but in mutation. A construction site’s life span is as temporary as we need our solution to be while the city’s continuous growth guarantees our strategy’s perennial nature.