Geneva, Switzerland

school & sports complex

AREA: 7 000 sqm

open competition                winning project

YEAR: 2023

STATUS: ongoing

City of Geneva

How to respond to a context that is both residential and urban, developed on the basis of a garden city from the early 20th century? How to synthesize all these elements and dialogue at the same time with the urban scale and the one of a garden city? How to intertwine the scale of the large housing building complex with the one of the suburban residences? These interrogations related to the context of the site shaped the project of the new project.

The site of the new school consists of distinct but complementary zones that create a gradual transition between the urban scale and the garden. Towards the south the new building is composed of a base, accommodating the sport hall which extends towards the street, and thus reinforces the public aspect of the building. Towards the northwest of the site the scale of the volume withdraws in response to the suburban scale. This gesture makes it possible for the volume to naturally respond to the urban front of the avenue de Riant-Parc by aligning itself with the large housing buildings, but in the same time adressing the typology of the pavilions / villas, which withdraw towards the northwest of the plots and thus free up large outdoor spaces towards the South-East.

The project creates a variety of atmospheres and qualities of the outdoor spaces that are directly connected to each other by an exterior staircase that becomes the backbone of the entire network.